Meet Victoria. Victoria just turned 45. She loves soccer and rocky road ice cream but keeps putting off her annual women’s exam.

Why Victoria? Why?


If you have a busy life like mine getting an annual exam with the PAP test and mammogram is at the bottom (like scraping the barrel bottom) of my list of things to do.


Who wants to go through that clinical, cold, and extremely uncomfortable process?


I don’t.


The truth is, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t had an annual exam for more than 10 years, and I’ve never had a mammogram. It’s crazy because I know that these simple procedures can save my life.



Hey Victoria!


There is nothing, and we do mean nothing, like the beautiful, relaxed, patient-centric experience that you’ll have from the moment you walk through Ma’am Exams’ front door.


From the chandeliers to the candy bar, you’ll see that our welcoming staff and upbeat, quick in and out appointments are what you and your friends have been looking for.


Do yourself – and your family – a favor; stop by, say hello, and tour our one of our beautiful facilites. We’re confident that we’ll be moving to the top of that barrel.

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