The Power of Gratitude is Real

The Power of Gratitude is Real

the powerof gratitude


Hi friends!


Personal story here.


Mike and I received a thank you note from some of our grandchildren last week and I cannot tell you how it made me feel. I carried a smile ALL day long… but my next thought wasn’t a bit of a downer


Where did we (I) go wrong?


When and why did we (I) stop writing thank you notes or even expressing gratitude in a less-hurried, more sincere way?


I’m convinced that “gratitude” can heal relationships and I know that it makes a difference in our self-worth and overall mental health.


In fact, there are actually scientific studies on gratitude that say finding ways to be grateful is a health and happiness miracle.


I could use more of those!


That means that gratitude can improve your life and even decrease physical pain.
Well it got me thinking that I NEED TO IMPROVE in the “gratitude” department and here’s my plan:

  1. Each day, before my head hits the pillow, I’m going to write down a few things that I’m thankful for – if you’re a little more techie there’s an app for journaling called HappyFeed – Private Gratitude Journal and Diary
  2. Send at least two people (friends or family) a text thanking them for being in my life; for making a difference in the lives of others; or for just generally being an amazing person.


That’s it… two simple things that have a lot of meaning and power.


I think you should join me in this gratitude journey.


And just so you know, we truly, genuinely appreciate you! That means I have a lot of thank you notes to write. : )


Christine Bowman

Marketing Director, Ma’am Exams


“The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.”


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