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When over the counter pain relievers, physical therapy, and other lifestyle changes are not bringing you relief from chronic pain, you may have fibromyalgia.


How do I know if I have fibromyalgia?

Symptoms Include:

  • Chronic widespread pain
  • Pain for at least three months
  • Pain above and below the waist
  • Pain on both sides of the body
  • Pain in a combinations of areas like back and neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain, hips and knees or knees and feet
  • You may also experience increased pain in response to normal physical contact

Unfortunately there are no known blood or imaging tests that can help in getting a fibromyalgia diagnosis. So landing on an accurate diagnosis is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to have a medical provider who will take more than five minutes to listen to you.


After taking time to understand what you are experiencing, Ma’am Exams’ medical providers will start by ruling out other possible diagnoses that have similar symptoms. To help our medical providers understand what you are experiencing be specific about how your life is affected by your symptoms.

Don’t wait. Together we can work on finding solutions for your chronic pain.