We’re not your run of the mill women’s center.

Ma’am Exams provides exceptional medical care for women from adolescence and young adulthood through post-childbearing years and menopause in a beautifully designed office.


And, knowing that 50% of women delay getting life-saving mammograms, heart disease screenings, and their annual well-woman check, our emphasis is preventative healthcare care exams.

In any given year, only 50% of women aged 40 to 85 years had a mammogram.
In 2015, an estimated 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 60,290 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer.

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One day two friends, one with global business management proficiency, the other with medical clinic experience, started talking about the issues surrounding women’s health and maintenance. That conversation quickly led questions like, why do so many women forgo annual exams, including mammography? Why is the experience so grave, clinical, and uninspiring? What would it take to create a one-stop environment of convenience and beauty?


Each question was quickly answered by a new concept in women’s healthcare now known as Ma’am Exams. In only a matter of months the concept became reality. What once was a uncomfortable, time-consuming appointment is now walk-in, walk out concept that has women saying, “Who would have thought that an annual check-up could be so pleasant?”

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